Kowy® Pre-Launch MODE ON

After months of preparation, our pre-launch page is online. It seems forever but it really only has been a few months since I created this entire concept. Design, drawings, 3D printing, prototypes, website, pictures, videos, editing, lots of editing. Then there is social media, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Production of pieces in 3 different locations, with different material in different countries and languages, laws and currencies.

Sounds crazy? That is not even the half of it! But it is all very much worth a while, I have to agree with all the entrepreneurs who I have been listening to online such as, Gary Vaynerchuk, who say that to be a successful entrepreneur you need to absolutely love what you do. Steve Jobs said that as well. God, I wish he was alive!

I have to say that the absolute ultimate foundation for every entrepreneur – is to love what you do! The overall life of an entrepreneur becomes the business, the product or service you offer. It is really a 24/7 occupation. With no pay, at least for a good while.

With that being said, I was never happier, more fulfilled and accomplished. As you may know, already I decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign to be able to reach an International audience and raise funds to bring Kowy® to the next level.

Here is the link to our pre-launch page:  Kowy® Pre-Launch at Indiegogo

Pre Launch Campaign Perks

The campaign perks are the rewards you get once you make a purchase. There is one, the cheapest which you only get the most a thank you. I created something unique! With the $10 perk, you will enter a raffle for a special Kowy® which I will personally draw on the last day of the campaign live on Facebook and Instagram!

There are perks for $25, $49, $79, $99, $199, $499 and t$999. Each will have the special products lined up on the campaign page, set to launch on October 8th!

Don´t miss! And don’t forget, when you back on the first day, you receive DOUBLE PERKS and a FREE Kowy®!

Thank you,

Alessandra Marzano

Creator and Founder


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