Fancy KowyTM

The fancy way to style  your eyewear

The Fancy KowyTM line is the perfect selection for an elegant, more sophisticated and glamorous look. This collection is carefully and skillfully made with fancy materials such as silver and gold and embellished with crystals and precious stones.

Our patent-pending closing clasp mechanism works masterfully together with endless creative designs giving you the freedom of expression you deserve. Make your frame a different frame for every occasion. Use your KowyTM pair on each side, combine them on one side, mix the pairs, mix materials and colors.

Be creative. Make it yours. Every day, everywhere.

You can choose where do you place your Fancy KowyTM on your temple.  You can choose to wear it closer to your hairline, or more towards the front of lenses. The distinct silicone padding inside the KowyTM gives you a precise placement along your temple length, while safely guarding its surface.