It is with great honor that I introduce Kowy to the World


Creating and developing Kowy ™concept

After creating and developing the entire Kowy ™ concept in the last 6 months, I decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign to understand people’s opinions and get support to start producing and delivering Kowy ™ to the World.

But before that, we invented this guessing game to get your attention before launching the campaign. If you’ve already left your email pop up on our teaser page, then you’re one step ahead, knowing about our contest and most importantly:

If you have not yet visited us, go to and leave your address for instructions. The winner you first discover will receive a special gift from Kowy ™. (The prize will be given at the same time as the delivery of the campaign).

Sign up for the pop-up and leave your response from any social media until March 31, let’s find out who is the person who will bring us lots of luck at launch! We hope to hear from you and stay tuned to our tracks!

Thank you and Welcome to Kowy ™

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