KowyTM Cares

Why KowyTMCares ?

The numbers of underprivileged families worldwide who need eyeglasses and optical care is alarming. The World Health Organization reports approximately 517 million people in developing countries are visually impaired because they do not have access to corrective treatment. The Centre for Vision in the Developing World at Oxford University has a higher estimate: More than 1 billion people need but do not get vision correction.

Kowy™ wants to contribute, and give back by helping children and adults obtain proper optical care. Eye care and eyewear should be available for everyone.

Visual impairment is more than just a health problem. It has economic, educational, and public safety implications. Having the proper prescription lenses if needed is key for children´s learning abilities, and adults overall health and well-being.

We want to spread the word – we believe everyone can help somehow, there are millions of people around the World who need vision services. By partnering with schools and eyecare professionals, Kowy™ is able to provide vision exams and glasses to those in need. And so can you.