KowyTM Elos Large Size

KowyTM Elos is the silicone mini rings specially designed, with the perfect shape, size and curves to fit into the C shaped holder behind every KowyTM Sport Collection design.

We produced 4 different sizes to better fit multiple temple´s size and shape. Each pair of KowyTM purchased includes four (4) Elos, one of each size, all in one color.

You can purchase additional colors sets —Kowy Elos Sets—    Choose your favorite color, match your KowyTM Elos with your frame, be creative and mix it up!

We created a size chart for your reference.  Each ring size is paired with a range of temple size, this is an approximate measure. Try different sizes on your temples and choose what feels best for you.

RING SIZE Frames Widths From  To
Large Between Imperial – Metric 0.27 inches 7 mm 0.47 inches 12 mm

KowyTM is interchangeable, you can easily change the Elos size for different frames.

If you need further assistance chat with us live!

KowyTM was made for you. Make it yours!