Kowy® Star Colore Pietre Intorno

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Welcome to Kowy® World! 

Kowy® Star Colore Pietre Intorno is a fancy accessory to beautify the temple of your glasses. It is a sunglasses accessory and a prescription glasses accessory. It can be used in any size and color frame. 

This Kowy® is:
- made in brass
- paint with glitter

- white zirconia stones 
- -small size - diameter 0.45" / 10.50mm
- each piece includes 4 Kowy® Elos. One in each size - XS S, M, L in the transparent color

Kowy® designs are colorful and playful, jewelry for glasses. Combine your favorite variations between the metal color, and zirconia stones combinations. Give your outfit a touch of glam.
This beautiful STAR design jewelry is part of our Kowy® Space Collection. A beautiful piece with sparkly stones and high-quality metals.

The C shape holder located behind each piece was creatively designed to attach to our Kowy® Elos. Our signature mini silicone rings. There are 14 colors to choose from, sets are also sold separately. Follow this link to shop Elos:
You simply slide your Kowy® through the temple of your glasses from the tip and place them wherever you would like.

Choose your colors and designs. Mix, match, and stack!

You can use your Kowy® with multiple glasses and frame sizes. Visit our Kowy® Elos size guide page to explore suggested temple range match for each silicone mini ring´s size; when you purchase your Kowy® you will receive every size so you will be able to try it yourself and see what fits your frames best. You can easily switch back and forth between different frames, all you have to do is change the size of your Elos.

Kowy® Star Colore Pietre Intorno
Kowy® Star Colore Pietre Intorno
Kowy® Star Colore Pietre Intorno
Kowy® Star Colore Pietre Intorno