Children´s eye health and safety month matters!

I am very happy to find out we have a month designated for the health and safety of children eye. There are millions of children in the World in need of proper Optical care. I can’t stress enough the importance of having every child checked before school starts to make sure their vision is in perfect shape.

Many difficulties in learning can come from the fact that children can’t see properly. And most adults won’t even think about that. In order to avoid those issues and not blame on the child attention or even will to learn it is essential to have their vision checked. You should start as early as they are 3 years old, I learned reading an article about this day at “Your sight”

Since I started developing  Kowy, I learned about how difficult is it for families to afford proper Optical care, and I decided to help. So I contacted my ophthalmologist and a local non -profit school for unprivileged families. Just by doing that, many children have had their eye checked and revised. You can do the same.

I also learned that an astonishing 80% of classroom education is taught visually according to “Friends for” which is another great article to read. We need to make people aware of the need for optical care more and more and I will make sure I keep supporting this case throughout my journey with Kowy.

child-eye-exam                      How using Kowy can help?


The whole idea around Kowy® is to make your child happy. Many children have a very hard time adapting to their glasses, some get depressed, some even bullying in school. Kowy® are accessories for glasses, spectacles in general with several advantages and its main one is to make prescription lenses more attractive to children.

Now they can use their favorite pet, cartoon character,  a special symbol or a word. Kowy® can empower and make children more comfortable and confident in wearing their glasses around friends. Wearing prescription glasses won’t be considered boring or a burden anymore,  it is fun to play matching frames to colors and designs with Kowy®

We want to continue delivering an outstanding quality product while bringing awareness to bettering people´s lives through proper Optical care. You can take a look also at our Kowy Cares page, and get in touch with us if you need help or have any cool idea which will bring good to Optical care.

Tchau for now,

Alessandra Marzano

Creator and Founder of Kowy®


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