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How Life Evolves

How Life Evolves

✍️🏻This image is giving me the chills tonight as I sit remembering when that was taken.2017 I believe. In Rio for sure, my birth city, while realizing a project for something other than Kowy since this was taken before I invented it. Yet, I cannot avoid to acknoledge how I truly see the essentials. The Dior  eyewear. The pirita stone. The gold Baume Mercier. The Rio  book. The computer. The ring.

How things are now

Now how things are. After Kowy. All elements in one image. Eyewear, precious metals, book, brands, colors, rings; how it all changed through my eyes and my hands and my actions.

I dont dare to wear any other glasses' brand, but my own, Kowy®. The Baume I lost at the Brooklying Bridge in a photo shoot, oh well. But the gold, the gold is my thing. My metal. My color. My Rio, my birth town. Then there is time. Our most valuable asset as Humans. And the book. or "A" book.The link to it all. Not that book in particular but education on itself, learning the fact that what I do at Kowy® is ment to improve the use of glasses by children and teens.

Never in a million years I could have imagined then, what I actually see now, when I look at thos especific items. Kowy really changed everything to me. 

So yes. I see a different today, 2022 a different image, with all my beloved belongings and gasp wow. Life evolves, things change, but in essence - arent we all connected somehow - through time!? Love?! And passion?!

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