Kowy™ is the last word in eyewear fashion and art. Express yourself, connect and feel confident wearing our designs on the temples of your prescription glasses, and sunglasses.

Using Kowy™ is a fun way to show off your mood, and a new outlet of self-expression. You can use your favorite design every day, change it for a special event, choose one for every outfit, and even use matching ones with your children and loved ones; you can collect them, mix designs, stack several pieces and exchange pieces with friends.

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KowyTM Elos is the mini silicone ring specially designed, with the perfect shape, size and curves to fit into the C shaped holder behind every KowyTM design.

We produced 4 different sizes to perfectly fit multiple temple´s thickness and shape. Each of KowyTM includes four (4) Elos, one of each size, all in one color.

I am Alessandra Marzano, the creator and founder of KowyTM.

KowyTM was one of those ideas which invaded my mind and my thoughts bringing so much passion, I then realized my life would never be the same. I simply got obsessed, so thankfully, here we are!
The idea popped in my mind when at dinner with a friend, I watched, at a table next to us, a boy continuously crying, pushing his mom´s hands away who lovingly tried to put on these tiny prescription glasses on the boy´s face. The parents, clearly fatigue and saddened by the situation, had no way of making the glasses more fun or pleasurable to distract the boy´s attention and stay calm.

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