An innovative line of accessories. Customize your look wearing your Kowy on your glasses, rings, bracelets and much more ...

Kowy® transforms into a beautiful and comfortable ring with our Kowy® Loops. You can mix, match and interchange.

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What is Kowy®'s return policy?

7 Days no questions asked!

Does my Kowy have warranty?

Lifetime warranty, if you have any factory defective issues please send an emailto

How do I care for my Kowy?

Your Kowy is made with high-end quality materials, but dont put it on fire, or corrosive materials. You can wear your Kowy to shower, pools and Ocean; just always rince after contact with salt water.

What material are Kowy and Elos made of?

Kowy are made of brass, 925 sterling silver, crystals and zirconias. The Elos are made of food-grade silicone.

How do I put my Kowys on?

Its easy! You can see a simple & quick explanation video here.

Will my Elos fit any eyewear?

Yes, with every order you receive 4 sizes of the Elos, at least one will fit tight on your frame. Simply try and see what works best for yours.

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"Kowy representa una experiencia única. Como mujer los accesorios son indispensables y en Kowy conseguí una forma innovadora de expresión que además es intercambiable para mis lentes. ”


"Kowy represents a unique experience. As a woman accessories are essential and in Kowy I got an innovative way of expression that is also interchangeable for my glasses."

-Patricia Cohen

"Para mi kowy es sinónimo de originalidad, es la oportunidad de expresar a través de una pieza delicadamente diseñada, una declaración de tus gustos y preferencias , una pieza de kowy habla por sí sola, de manera sencilla apoya a resaltar tu atiende y a verte original donde quiera que vayas
Alessandra realiza un hermoso trabajo y coloca todo su amor y creatividad en ello eso es para mi kowy, amor, amistad, creatividad & originalidad"


"For me kowy is synonymous with originality, it is the opportunity to express through a delicately designed piece, a statement of your tastes and preferences, a kowy piece speaks for itself, in a simple way it helps to highlight your attention and to see you original wherever you go Alessandra does a beautiful job and puts all her love and creativity into it that's for me kowy, love, friendship, creativity & originality"

-Aleuzenev Blanco

"There is nothing like Kowy. You have to see it and feel it to understand the power it has. In a World where everyone copies everything from one another, this brand adds a true freshness to any look.

- Samuel