Welcome to Kowy® World

A one-of-a-kind line of jewelry.

Kowy® are jewels for eyewear – we created a different concept of wearing glasses,

unique accessories to beautify prescription glasses, and sunglasses.

Kowy® is a new way to express yourself, customize your look and connect with others.

We make fashionable and meaningful designs inspired on improving self-confidence.

Express yourself, connect and feel confident wearing our designs on the temples of your prescription glasses, and sunglasses.

Kowy® Elos

About the ELOS

Kowy® Elos is the mini silicone ring specially designed, with the perfect shape, size and curves to fit into the C shaped holder behind every Kowy® design.

We produced 4 different sizes to perfectly fit multiple temple´s thickness and shape. Each of Kowy® includes four (4) Elos, one of each size, all in one color.

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