Developing Kowy®- dream come true for an entrepreneur

I believe for every entrepreneur to have an idea for a new business is a given. But when this business doesn´t even exist, it is even more challenging and the unknown territory unleashes a new way of fearfulness. Of course, that is something we need to overcome and fight on a daily basis, but I think that is a trait an entrepreneur has under the skin.

I not only invented a product that doesn’t exist but an entire concept not yet known to the public. My challenges were great since the beginning of design, measurements, prototyping, communication with factories, finding materials, the right price (or what you think is the right price), the quality and investment. All of this for no assurance it people will enjoy. I did an extensive research but there is no assurance people will accept and purchase your product. You just have to work that out with you on a daily basis.

Recommendations and ideas to improve your entrepreneurs´life

I want to recommend the “The Lean Startup” from Eric Ries and the following great “The Startup Way“. Both very good for those who need to validate a brand new product on the market and want to make sure you do it before you go to spending way too much. I also hear audio on “YouTube” about motivations, there are several compilations which will lift up your spirits. I listen every morning on my 7.5 K bike ride around Lagoa de Freitas lagoon, in Rio de Janeiro where I am living at the moment. Working out every day as part of your routine is a must.

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Another great mentor who I will always be grateful for his lifelong work is Tony Robbins, what an amazing Human Being. Hope to go to one of his seminars one day. He is coming to Brazil in September, but unfortunately, I cannot afford given my expenses with Kowy®. Another thing you must be willing to do in order to start your own business is sacrifices. I barely go out of my bedroom, where my office is at the moment. Going out? Forget it. Not to mention I got completely sober since this process started about 11 months ago. I couldn’t be happier.

As I learned with Mr. Robbins, Time is the only thing everyone has the same. Don’t waste yours. Stay focused, meaning sober, it is the only way to maximize your time. Start paying attention, when sober, to people around you under any influence and you will see clearly the difference.



Friends is another part of your life you need to let go. Some of them are not ready to see you shine. We have to learn that friends can be seasonal and that is not a bad thing. You are just in a different part of your being and for some, that is not very comprehensible. Stick to those who respect you, guide you, help you or just are there to support you. Get rid of the bad energy, bad company, poverty talks and especially those who constantly consume drugs and alcohol. If you look at their lives, you will see that it is not where you want to be. You need to surround yourself with beings who enlight you and add to your life. It is ok to be selfish.

It has been a great learning experience to think of a product, a shape, a color, a design and then after a lot of work, hold it in your hands. It is a sense of accomplishment I can barely explain, it is indeed the most amazing feeling I ever had with me, myself and I. When I held the first Kowy® and Kowy® Elos in my hands and when I tried it all fit perfectly I had tears in my eyes. And I thanked the Universe for giving me this amazing gift.

Now I have my purpose in this, I can help people, I can make improve people´s lives on Kowy® at a time.

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Thank you and good luck to all of the Entrepreneurs out there. Let’s keep improving this great World we live in. Support your peers and grow together. Thank you!

Alessandra Marzano

Creator & founder of Kowy®

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