Kowy® arrives in Las Vegas!

Kowy® arrives in Las Vegas!

Kowy® arrives in Las Vegas! The city of lights, cameras and action! 

Also well known as "Sin City" and the "The Entertainment Capital of the World", Las Vegas now is our home. A place where everything and anything is possible, and better yet, where shopping is a must. And we like shopping! 

Why Vegas? 

I fell in love with Vegas at a young age, when my parent used to bring my brother and I for about 10 days at a time. The lights, the movement, the glamour, it was instant fascination in my eyes. 

It was had present in mind the feeling of how would it be to never have to leave this town. And since after the pandemic, and after much thought to live distant from any Ocean, I decided this was time! 

I believe Vegas fits my Kowy® masterfully! 

As a very creative being, Vegas inspires me with its bright lights; the mix and match of colors, designs, outrageous architecture and fabulous people. Oh the people! 

Think 32 million (2021) of people from all over the Globe, in a year alone, visiting these fantastic spots, made by men and God. Think from Grand Canyon to The Bellagio, it is all overload for the eyes and the soul. 

Fashion and Vegas 

Las Vegas eats, breaths and runs in a very fashionable way, with its over the top casinos where women and men circulate wearing some of the most daring and decadent looks. The kind of glamour of "what money can buy", you only see here. 

The ultimate in fashion of the highest Haute Couture lines come to the stores in Vegas and Vegas only. And better yet, actually get sold and worn here! 

So my fellows fashionistas and accessories lovers, welcome to Las Vegas! 

Get in touch with us, it will be our pleasure to have you in our showroom just a few steps from the Strip. 




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