Our Story

Kowy® Story

Kowy® are jewels created to beautify eyeglasses with the purpose to enhance people's lives. 

Hi! I am Alessandra Marzano, the creator and founder of Kowy®

I am so thankful and honored to have you read this page! For many years I have worked in different fields and was never quite satisfied with whatever it is that I was working on. I was born in Rio de Janeiro Brazil and moved to USA when I was 18 years old to go to College. After a Summa Cum Laude Bachelor degree in Marketing from JW&U in Miami and a fabulous intership in NYC, I thought I was on the way

Kowy® was one of those ideas which invaded my mind and my thoughts bringing so much passion, I then realized my life would never be the same. I simply got obsessed, so thankfully, here we are!
The idea popped in my mind when at dinner with a friend, I watched, at a table next to us, a boy continuously crying, pushing his mom´s hands away who lovingly tried to put on these tiny prescription glasses on the boy´s face. The parents, clearly fatigue and saddened by the situation, had no way of making the glasses more fun or pleasurable to distract the boy´s attention and stay calm.

Kowy® was born!

Moreover, getting deeper into my research after the fact, I realized how much teenagers often go thru tough times as well. When glasses are introduced to their lives, kids and teens start having issues at school, fights with their friends and even strange episodes at home. Their self-confidence drops, and so does their happiness. Bullying and low self-steam can all be extremely harmful to the individual and consequently those around her (him).

As a woman approaching 40´s, the inevitable use of prescription glasses is also somewhat near.  I guess I was already dreading this moment and when I watched the boy it was a eureka moment for my issue as well! The use of prescription glasses with jewels and fun styles didn’t seem so boring and upsetting anymore!  And as a fashion lover with an incredible fascination for change, I saw Kowy®  taking over all of my glasses temples. Including the sunglasses! Then my creative mind really went wild.

The mesmerizing fashion World

I enjoy and appreciate the world of fashion because of its versatility and power to elevate someone´s self-confidence. A useful and fashionable accessory can improve someone´s life, socially and in an even deeper level, personally.

Use your Kowy®  on prescription and sunglasses! Mix them, collect them and swap them between your friends. Kowy®  is made for bringing happiness to everyone, all over the World!

Kowy® is designed to bring joy to your life!

 Thank you and welcome to Kowy®  World

Alessandra Marzano