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Kowy® Bow Pieno di Pietre

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Kowy® Bow Pieno di Pietre - The girly girl show stopper! Delicate yet strong, suitable for any 2020's women. A fantasy dreamland icon, and a matter of fact, perfect for anyone who sees sparkles in their dreams.  

Kowy® are interchangeable jewelry, a fancy accessory to beautify the temple of your glasses or rings on your fingers. It is a sunglasses and a prescription glasses interchangeable accessory that can be simply turned into a fabulous ring. It can be used in any size, shape, and color frame; and fingers too. 

Description & Details: 

Hand Painted & Gems Handset; 

- Made in brass;
- Zirconia gemstones; 
- One size:  45" x 27"/ 17.8 x 10.6mm  

Each Kowy® comes with 4 Kowy® Elos. One in each size - XS S, M, L in the transparent color.

Purchase additional colors sets here 


Food-grade silicone and glitter

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