Kowy® Koro - Pink & Pink Stones
Kowy® Koro - Pink & Pink Stones
Kowy® Koro - Pink & Pink Stones
Kowy® Koro - Pink & Pink Stones

Kowy® Koro - Pink & Pink Stones

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Kowy® Heart is an adorable accessory to beautify your glasses' arms. A fabulous accessory to enhance your mood and get you all sparkly!  It can be used in any size and color frame.

* Sizes:

- Small size - length  10.4mm x 8mm / 0.40" x 0.31"

- Medium size - 11.8mm x 9mm / 0.46" x 0.35"

- Large size - 13.6mm x 10.6mm / 0.53" x 0,41"

This Kowy® is:

- made in brass

- zirconia stones

- each Kowy® comes with 4 Kowy® Elos. One in each size - XS S, M, L in the transparent color - see details here

Kowy® Koro, our unique heart design accessory is a colorful and charming piece of jewelry for glasses. It can be used for adults and as charms for children on their prescription frames. Kowy® is an interchangeable accessory, versatile eyewear charm, and can match any frame. Combine your favorite variations between the metal color, paint, and stones. Give your outfit your own personal touch.

This beautiful heart design jewelry is part of our Kowy® Love Collection.  A beautiful brass and zirconia accessory with colorful paint and high-quality metals. The C shape holder located behind each piece was creatively designed to attach to our Kowy® Elos - our signature mini silicone rings. There are 14 colors to choose from, sets are also sold separately. All patent pending.

Kowy® is very simple to use and exchange. Simply slide it through the temple of your glasses from the tip and place them wherever you would like.  Click here to see a quick explainer video. 

Choose your colors and designs. Mix, match, and stack!

For more information and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.